Administering hormones affects DNA

“researchers have demonstrated for the first time that the administration of even extremely low doses of an endocrine disruptor – in this case, an endogenous oestrogen – leads to epigenetic […]

Viruses in genome important for our brain

“…They have determined that several thousands of the retroviruses that have established themselves in our genome may serve as “docking platforms” for a protein called TRIM28. This protein has the […]

Why high-dose vitamin C kills cancer cells

“The study shows that vitamin C breaks down easily, generating hydrogen peroxide, a so-called reactive oxygen species that can damage tissue and DNA. The study also shows that tumor cells […]

Zinc reduces ‘wear and tear’ on DNA

“In the absence of sufficient zinc, our ability to repair everyday wear and tear on our DNA is compromised. In the randomized, controlled, six-week study the scientists measured the impact […]

Overweight affects DNA methylation

“The extra pounds you gain during the holidays will not only show up on your hips but will also affect your DNA. This is the result of a large-scale international […]