Decolonization of America

From LA to Gaza: Globalize the Intifada Following the October 7 attack by Hamas, I started noticing calls for Decolonization of America – as activists seek to harness the energy […]

Tactics for Revolution: Armed Propaganda Actions

I was reading a document on narratives published by the US Army Special Operation Command. It describes different types of narratives/ framing and how they are used to mobilize resistance […]

Migrants as Weapons Systems

I came across a good paper titled, ‘Migrants as a Weapons System,’ by Aaron R. Petty published in Journal of National Security Law & Policy in 2022. Some excerpts: “In […]

Beautiful Trouble and Hamas

During the 2020 riots in the US, I became aware of this site: From their About page: I checked back on the site after the October 7, 2023 Hamas […]

Networked Activism vs Attrition Warfare

I encountered an interesting essay titled, ‘Maneuver Warfare Is Not Dead, But It Must Evolve.’ Context: Here’s an excerpt from the essay for those not familiar with what is meant […]

Mises: Our Leftist Economic Thinking

excerpts from an essay by Ludwig von Mises published in The Freeman (1952). The pseudo-liberals monopolize the teaching jobs at many universities. Bureaus gave them the mentality of authoritarianism The […]

Hayek on Privately Issued Competing Currencies

In a 1980 interview with Silver and Gold Report, Friedrich Hayek made an argument for privately issued competing currencies. He was asked about it again in 1984 and said:

Communist Revolution USA w Foreign Ties

I had written before about foreign influence in domestic conflict in Moral Conflict in America – providing examples of Soviet Union and China exploiting racial tension in America. I want […]

Georges Sorel: The Power of Myths

excerpts from Reflections on Violence (1908): “As long as there are no myths accepted by the masses, one may go on talking of revolts indefinitely without ever provoking any revolutionary […]